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Privacy Notice


The password is to identify you the only way you can use the account using the password. If you lost your password, you may lose your personal information, and can lead to legal action against you. Therefore, regardless of any reasons why your password has been compromised, you must log on to our website to change your password immediately.

Registration Information

When you register as a user, we ask you to provide registration information. Registration information may be required to provide your real name, address, nationality, phone number and e-mail. We use registration information to get user statistics. We will use these statistics to give our customers the classification, so in a targeted manner to provide customers with new services. We may have to inform these new services via your e-mail address.

No personal user information

We will use your IP address to collect non-personal information, such as your browser nature, the type of operating system, to give access to services domain name provider, to optimize the pages of your computer screen. With the collection of the information above, we have also implemented traffic statistics to improve the management and service sites.

Your transactions

We track the IP address only to ensure necessary. If we do not find security problems, immediately we remove the IP addresses we collect. We monitor also the day of the page to access the data. Page views per day flow data to reflect the site so you can plan for the future (for example, increases the server).

Information Security

Our site has adequate security measures to ensure that our information is not lost, not misused or modified. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and password encryption. Even though we have these security measures, but note that there is no "perfect security" on the Internet. We have a website or equivalent systems for repair, maintenance or upgrades, it may be lost, damaged or leaking registration information, account information or transaction information, have expressed sympathy and did not ask us any liability. To ensure the security of transactions and to protect your legal rights, please save the information, account information and transaction information for backing up data.


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